About Company

Nature’s Essence is a manufacturer of hand-made natural body care products that are derived from the abundant natural resources that The Himalayas has to offer. The Himalayas is estimated to comprise of more than 6,000 medicinal herbs, which have used for centuries by the indigenous people for healing and spiritual practices. We bring you the products combining such incredible herbs and other natural raw materials to revive your body, mind and spirit.

What we do?

  • We handicraft quality natural body care products combining the Himalayan herbs, essential oils and other natural resources. 
  • We use only the finest natural ingredients, specially formulated to achieve maximum therapeutic affect to body and mind. 
  • We produce products in small batched to maintain product quality.
  • We help you create your own unique and exclusive range of products under your own brand name.
  • We offer a range of beautiful artifacts that you could either use used in combination with our products or for décor.  
  • We purchase our raw materials from the source whenever possible to give the harvesters the maximum income. Most of the herbs are grown in remote, economically fragile mountains.
  • We support fair trade and sustainable harvesting practices.
  • We promote the benefits of the herbs and other natural resources.
  • We try and use eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials wherever possible. 
  • We provide income generation opportunities to the underprivileged local communities:
    •  Herbs harvesters and collectors.
    •  Farmers and suppliers of other raw materials and packaging materials.
    •  Women from low income group communities.
    •  Craftsmen of handicrafts and artifacts.


Nature’s Essence creates hand-made natural body care products such as soaps, massage oils, essential oil blends, aromatic items (herbal pillows, amulets), home spa items (body scrubs and bath salts) and various other products.  

Nature’s Essence products are:

  • natural body care products
  • 95-100% natural
  • handcrafted in Nepal
  • quality products at a modest price
  • manufactured using Himalayan ingredients of utmost quality
  • made up of natural emulsifiers and skin softening emollients
  • biodegradable
  • free from animal testing
  • free from  artificial colors, preservatives and petrochemicals
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