Lavender Lilac Salt Body Scrub - Reviving

Lavender Lilac Salt Body Scrub - Reviving
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Lavender Lilac Body Scrub is a reviving aromatic home spa treat, made from Ayurvedic herbs (asparagus and wintercherry) infused in base oil (olive), blended with our Lavender Lilac Essential Oil Blend (lavender and lilac), salt, chickpea, rice flour, honey and glycerin. Lavender is known for relaxing qualities, is also an antiseptic, skin-toner and also used to treat acne. Lilac also brings distort to the skin and when combined with lavender is believed to have many medicinal benefits. Enjoy the richness of our Lavender Lilac Salt Body Scrub to pamper your skin and revive your senses.

98.5% natural

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75 g    NESS-1-04        $4.00

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